My Average Sized Boat

Most of our Ontario Yachts Viking 33/34s are in the Great White North.  Spring is just around the corner here, and it is time to start sorting through all the projects that we want to get done before it is time to brave the elements to work outside on our boats.

Many Viking 33/34s have spent more months of their life out of the water than in with our shorter sailing season.  The majority of Vikings have been sailed in fresh water which makes for more than a few boats that are in pretty good shape for their age.

Was reviewing the fleet inventory at my club the other day and remarked again how my Viking was fast becoming an average boat.  Our average sailboat in the fleet is 31 feet long and 10 feet wide.  The Viking may be longer, but a lot of those 2.5 extra feet LOA are in overhang that never makes its way into either submersed waterline or interior volume.

That said, it feels particularly good to hop aboard and for a price that a lot less than what a newer 31 foot racer/cruiser would cost to own, leaving more than a few extra dollars available to put into upgrades that make her even more fun to sail.











Rob Mazza article on Viking 33 & 34 Evolution alongside their C&C 35 Cousins

Check out the newly posted copy of the Good Old Boat magazine article on the evolution of the Viking 33 to the Viking 34 and the C&C 35-1 to the C&C 35-2.   Both boats were designed at around the same time for the original and the update.

A must read, particularly for Viking & C&C owners who find themselves racing against each other with very similar PHRF ratings between the Viking Brand and C&C Branded Designs.

mazza comparison


Lots of New Pictures of Vikings

Added Mainbrace from BC, and Silver Wraith from Mimico.

Updated pictures with Gersemi at Chester Race Week, Circe III double handed, Renegade 2 reaching with one of her many chutes and Hagar with a bowsprit and asymmetrical.

Finally, we are now pretty certain we know which hull is the very first 34 model.  She is Andiamo and was bought by a former owner of Viking 33 hull 3.

New Innovations Page

Just added a new page for owner innovations.  Tossed up an item on going asymmetrical on Hagar and am looking forward to putting more up, like Dan’s masthead camera, or his total refit to turn his Viking into a cruiser, John’s Anchor Locker and Skippers seat, and more…….


New Gear for Sale Page

Have just added a gear for sale page.  Our Viking 33/34 owners keep their boats in great condition upgrading their gear from time to time.  Upgrades often leave very good gear needing a new home.  There will be some great finds on this new page from time to time to replace your gear.

Send your Viking 33/34 gear pictures, description and price to to get it on the page