Owners Group

Join the Owners Group Forum on Yahoo to meet other Viking Owners and get great advice from some very creative and experienced people who have, collectively, done just about everything that could be done with a Viking, its rig, gear, engine, hull and systems.

Join at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/viking_33_or_34/info

Get in touch with the very knowlegable owners of Ketchup, Renegade II, Circe III, Banshee II, Amelia, Silver Wraith, Trooper, Main Brace, Sea Lion, Life, Sea Spirit, Hagar and the list goes on.

The group is very generous with its expertise and is a great forum for Viking sailboat owners to share information; and if you are in Toronto Ontario Canada for the Boat Show, Join us for the fourth annual show floor rendezvous the second Saturday of the show at noon.





4 thoughts on “Owners Group

  1. Hello group. I just found this site. I own Main Brace, 33 (hull 66) sailed out of False Creek Vancouver. Will send a picture if I get a reply


  2. I’m the owner of 1975 Viking 33 #65, “Silver Wraith”. I owned her from 2000 to 2010, sold her to Ryan Scott of RHYC in 2010, and then bought her back, September 2016 when Ryan retired from sailboats and bought a trawler. Silver Wraith is at Mimico Crusing club, and actively participates in club racing there.
    Thank you for this great Viking 33/34 web site!!


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