Owner Innovations

Perhaps the most common innovation was for Viking 33 owners to update their hulls to the Viking 34 rudder and in some cases to the Viking 34 keel so that the hull would be exactly like the new model.  No expense was spared.

Flying Dutchman olympic class sailor Toni Zegers bought Windharp and re-designed it for non-overlapping sails.  A mini bulkhead was installed and the inner stay was moved level with the outer.  The baby stay was abandoned altogether.

Sean Dinsmore worked at the factory building Viking 33s so he definitely knew his boat when he added on to the shark fin keel of Banshee II and made her into a much gentler boat in a downwind blow


John & Jo added and anchor locker to Renegade 2, it looks like it was factory installed it is so well done.  John & Jo cruise both on lake Huron and lake Erie.


Dan Erlich turned Ketchup into a fully cruise equipped craft.  Electric Head, Hot Water, induction cooktop, LED lights everywhere and a masthead camera that can feed into a Samsung flat screen TV.


Hugh Johnston on Hagar added a bowsprit to his Viking 34, a couple of used J105 Asym kites and a top down roller furler to make spinnaker work much easier.


Some other great innovations that we have heard of include:

  • Roger Shaw added a shoe to the keel of a modified 33 Southerly Buster to counter the impact of a taller rig on heeling moment
  • John Pretty had Halinjon’s spreaders moved inboard to improve the sheeting angle allowing her to point better
  • The owner of Windharp, an Olympic sailor from the 1960s, modified her to sail only with non overlapping sails
  • Dan Erlich modified a battery powered angle drill to use as an electric wionch handle, particularly handy for pulling someone up the mast.
  • John & Jo designed and fitting a skippers seat for the helm to make steering from the wheel a joy
  • Many owners added custom mast collars to provide a spot to anchor the boom vang and sheaves for halyards to be turned back to clutches