Viking 33 to 34 Evolution

Click here to read this fantastic article on two very fine C&C designs and their updates


Rob Mazza does a brilliant comparison of the model upgrades from Viking 33 to 34 and from C&C 35 to C&C 35 mk2.  Thank you to Good Old Boat for providing this article. Good Old Boat Website  It really is “the sailing magazine for the rest of us”.

mazza comparison

The Lake Ontario PHRF base ratings for these four designs are 132, 129, 135 and 132 respectively.  Ratings do vary though by area reflecting local conditions.

There is a great website run by the Detroit C&C 35 MK1 owners that has good information on that very similar design along with a catalog of pictures of over 20 C&C 35 mk 1 boats.  Detroit C&C 35 Mk1 Class Association